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UV Varnish

Abstract: If you are looking for high quality water based uv varnish, or planning to wholesale food grade quality and FDA uv varnish, varnish for roland printer, varnish for kba printer, offset uv varnish, varnish for heidelberg printer, varnish for komori printer from professional China factory, please feel free to contact Jiajing Technology Co.,Ltd, and also welcome to check products price with us.

UV varnish water based coating varnish/  aqueous UV varnish

It is made of high grade Acrylic emulsion, Water-based  resin, additives and water, feature in good wearable, good gloss, fast dry and anti-wetting  sticky, compare oil based or solvent based varnish, it is perfect environment  varnish.
 High  gloss and hardness, excellence wear-resistant, strong adherence,  fast curing speech and good Resistant to ethanol.


Transparent with Light yellow

Solid content



10-15S #4 zahn cup

PH value


Wear resistant

4lbs 150times



Drying speech

40-50m per min

Application: tobacco box, wine package, and gift package, plastic surface  coating.(non direct food contact)

Printing  instruction:

  1. Printing way: spraying, coating,  gravure print, dipping.

  2. Drying: Hot air UV dryer, Drying is instantaneous with exposure to  ultraviolet radiation

  3. if viscosity too high, add ≤5% water to dilute it.

  4. Suggest Consumable amount in 3-6g  per square meter.

  5. please dry the surface before  UV curing, to avoid poor adhesion and poor wear resistant.

  6. Printer clear: water clear  direct after printing.

Package  and Storage:
 Packing: 20kg 50kg, 125kg plastic bucket.
 Storage: in cool and ventilation place.
 Warranty: 12 month in door.

Printing must be done with UV inks or  inks that do not contain micro crystalline wax (also called wax-free). Pigments  must be heat and chemical resistant. If nonresistant colors are used, the color  may fade, change or bleed into unprinted areas.
 1.this product has good Adhesiveness and  bronzing ability, please pre-testing before printing.
 2. it is aqueous coating varnish, it is not  suit as bottom primer varnish.

Environmental Protection standard:

Heavy metal content accord to US CONEG about wrappings relevant regulation.


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