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Screen Printing Varnish

Water based screen printing varnishes Printing type: screen printing Properties: Properties: Water based High gloss Abrasion resistance Fast drying IR and hot air dry Viscosity:30-50s

Water based screen printing varnishes


Printing type: screen printing


Water based, High gloss, Abrasion resistance, Fast drying, IR and hot air dry
coat thickness can vary from 3-7 gr/m2.

Diluter: water.

Application: suitable for protection of printed packaging in food industry (non-direct food contact), paper and kraft board.
After print wash: As it dries very  fast, we recommend cleaning the machine thoroughly with water straight after  the printing. For easier cleaning, add some washing-up liquid.

1.Consumption of varnish depends on  roughness of the press surface.

Sample &delivery:

Sample time: 3-5days (free sample available)

Production time:5-7days

Package: plastic drum in 20/25/50/100kg

Container capacity: 12-16ton for 20GP, 25-29ton for 40GP, wood tray is available 

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