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Offset Varnish

Abstract: If you are looking for high quality water based offset varnish, or planning to wholesale food grade quality and FDA offset varnish, offset printer varnish, offset paper varnish, offset uv varnish, offset press varnish from professional China factory, please feel free to contact Jiajing Technology Co.,Ltd, and also welcome to check products price with us.

 aqua offset varnish – water based
 With varnishing we achieve high gloss and increase rub  resistance. It is also suitable for the protection of printed packaging in  the  food industry, without direct contact.
 Water based
 High gloss
 Abrasion resistance
 Fast drying
 IR and hot air dry
 coat thickness can vary from 3-7 gr/m2.
 Dilute: it can be diluted with water.
 This is a printing varnish based on stabilized water  dispersion of acrylic resins. It is applied through the dampening rollers  system in the offset machines, or by means of special varnishing devices or  varnishing machines. Depending on the type of application.
 Varnished surfaces are glossy, abrasion resistant and can  be glued with various dispersion adhesives.

 Application: suitable for the protection of printed packaging in the  food industry (non-direct food contact), paper and kraft board.
 After print wash: As it dries very  fast, we recommended washing the machine thoroughly with water straight after  the printing is  finished. For easier cleaning, add any washing-up liquid.

1.Consumption of varnish depends on  roughness of the press surface.


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