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Flexographic Ink Paste

Aqueous emulsion Our company specialized produce of water-based emulsions for vary application, include ink production, paper surface coating to reach special performance. Series as bellow: High-

    Aqueous emulsion

    Our company is specialized in producing water-based emulsions for various applications, including  ink production, paper coating to reach special performance. Series as bellow:


    High gloss  emulsions        Matt gloss  emulsion         Acrylic emulsions         Covering Emulsion

    Film-forming emulsion        Water-proof  emulsion       Anti-skid emulsion       Anti-freezing  emulsion

    Wear resistant  emulsion    High temperature resistant emulsion

    Customers can  select the right emulsion according to different printing conditions and  applications, please contact us for professional suggestions. 

    Environmental protection standard:Heavy metal content satisfy US CONEG wrappings relevant regulation.


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    Guangdong Jiajing Technology Co.,ltd

    Address:Shibu village,Liaobu town,Dongguan city, Guangdong province,China.

    Sales department:William mo




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